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Child’s play

At 10Eighty we’re celebrating United Nations Universal Children’s Day (on 20th November) by looking at the positive benefits in the workplace of childlike qualities

Face time makes a difference


The one-size fits all e-outplacement option is doubtful. At 10Eighty we recommend some quality face time as one-to-one career coaching can be the most effective way to secure a new role

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Conversations to resolve conflict


Conflict Resolution Day is every 3rd Thursday of October so it’s 19th October in 2017 – the perfect day to resolve an outstanding issue amicably and peaceably.

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A fine balance

National Work Life Week work-life balance

It’s National Work Life Week this week – an excellent opportunity for employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and on work-life balance

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Michael Moran discusses Engagement and Careers on Engage for Success podcast

“If video killed the Radio Star, what will the Engage for Success podcast do for employee engagement?” Listen to CEO Michael discuss careers and engagement and find out!

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Connected career conversations = an engaged workforce

At our recent Connected Conversations event we called ‘time’ on the annual appraisal and explored new ways to engage.

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Join us for the official launch of 10Eighty Cymru at Jury’s Hotel, Cardiff


Would you like to join us for the official launch of 10Eighty Cymru on Tuesday 3 October in conjunction with Introbiz?

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Balance all the options

Flamingo balancing

Are you achieving a work-life balance? Aim for a better equilibrium during Balance Awareness Week 2017 starting 11 September.

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Forgotten heroes and being in the right place at the right time

Grace Hopper forgotten heroes

Forgotten hero, Grace Hopper, was a computer pioneer whose contribution helped to make modern computing possible. Her story makes us ask the question ‘Are we creating the right conditions to make talent flourish?’

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Join us at the Global Strengthscope Practitioner Conference on 5 October


Will you be joining us at the 2nd Global Strengthscop® Practitioner Conference on Thursday 5 October? Book your place today!

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