We’re in HR Grapevine’s Guide to Outplacement & Career Transition 2017/18


We wanted to let you know that 10Eighty is featured in a double-page article “Career transitions in the modern workplace” in HR Grapevine’s  Guide to Outplacement & Career Transition 2017/18.

The article by 10Eighty’s CEO Michael Moran looks at the modern approach to outplacement. He says that there has been a shift over the years from providing advice about CV and job hunting to understanding what an employee wants and helping them to develop self-marketing skills that put them in a good position to thrive in the contemporary competitive job market.

Michael discusses the importance of employability to provide employees with a more stable career path, and thanks to an analogy from LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman, likens the 21st-century employer-employee alliance to that of a professional sports team.

HR-Grapevine-Guide-to-Outplacement-2017-10EightyHe further argues that career transition should be integrated into the talent agenda, rather than being a service that’s reserved for those being made redundant, also that CVs are becoming a thing of the past as LinkedIn profiles and social media activity have become the new norm for marketing your skills and experience.

If you’d like to read an electronic version of the article just click here, then scroll to pages 22 and 23 to read the article in full.

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