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Emma Mitchell Leadership and Management DirectorToday’s blogpost is by Leadership and Management Director, Emma Mitchell, a People Development professional with 2 decades plus experience of training and coaching business professionals from many sectors. Her focus is developing people and maximising their potential for leadership through coaching and training facilitation.

You probably don’t need reminding that it’s Valentine’s Day today. The festival of romance and roses that we either embrace in all its commercial tackiness or completely ignore.

But did you know that the tradition of giving flowers, offering confectionery and sending Valentine’s Day cards dates back to 18th Century England?

This quaint/romantic custom has morphed over the last few hundred years into a substantial industry: in the UK 25m V-Day cards are sent every year and £1.3bn is spent on Valentine’s gifts, creating a roaring trade for those in the hospitality. restaurant and flower business.

This is great news for thousands of businesses across the UK. We’re confident that many of business owners love their work all the year round, but especially during this busy mid-February period.

A much-loved 10Eighty quote is Winston Churchill’s “if you find a job you love, you’ll never work again”. We believe everyone should have a job they love so that can pour all their energy and commitment into it.

Often you have to work for the job you love and need to search for and retain the role that has ‘I’m the perfect candidate’ stamped all over it.

Work hard. Do good. Have fun

That’s the 10Eighty maxim. But keep a balance. You can’t afford to sit back and let your career happen to you. Only by taking a proactive, targeted approach can you maximise your potential and find fulfilment. It’s your future – you need to shape it.

Most people don’t put enough effort into career planning. With an effective career strategy, you can be agile, self-reliant, and open to a multitude of possibilities.

Don’t wait for opportunities to appear but seek them out or create them and set up your moves to reach your goal. Technology is making it much easier to do this and can provide ideas for new roles that are aligned with your strengths, skills and values.

Develop your career with a coach or mentor 

Good coaching can make a difference; executives working proactively with a coach or mentor on a careers plan find positive encouragement, not negative criticism, can really make a difference.

Once you get the job, don’t stand still. You may want to seek promotion through good work but finding the right mentor can also help to further career development and build a profile that leads to further opportunities. And you won’t be surprised to learn that technology can also help with this…

Get self-aware, assess your aspirations

Put some time aside to take stock and review your options. Self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses is essential for exploiting opportunities as is the agility to quickly change direction when required.

When you know your strengths, priorities and commitments you are in a better position to review your career and consider your potential for years ahead. Successful career planning is built on self-awareness, so think about your strengths as part of your personal brand.

Assess your career aspirations; evaluate your current situation and measure yourself against the goals you set yourself (career pathing software can provide a useful structure and context for this potentially tricky task!).

When you set targets and achieve them you’ll feel very positive. In fact, we guarantee you will ‘love it’ – and that’s a great feeling on this day or any time of the year!

Love the one you’re with. Or change it

“Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it”, Chuck Palahniuk, novelist (of ‘Fight Club’ amongst many others) and journalist.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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